Thursday, July 24, 2008

Custom card kits

My great friend Janet made up this card idea and I think it's the best! The card size is 3x6 so it's a little unusual. You can order these card kits with whatever image and saying you would like on the front. The cute little elephant is perfect for a baby card - congrats or thank you. The flower is fun for thank you cards and you can see the present and cake. I also have a variety of colors for the actual can choose! Everything is cut and ready for you to assemble. You'll need to finish the coloring on these but the watercolor pencil will already be drawn in. You'll just need a wet watercolor brush to drag the colors. These are special priced at $8 for 12 cards. Envelopes are $4.00 for 12. Let me know which colors you want and how many.

More card kits!

I have to show you what my stamp club members have been up to!. They all turned out so cute and really pretty simple. I have kits made up for purchase if you are interested in making some for yourself. I have pre-stamped everything and there are 6 cards in each kit. 1 is assembled so you can copy it and the others just need adhesive and scissors. The kits are $9. I have limited numbers of kits so let me know if you are interested.

These are blank on the front so you can have them stamped with Thanks or Happy Birthday or whatever you want.

These are perfect for young men. They seem to be the hardest bunch to make cards for so they are good to have on hand.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am MIA!

Sorry I've been having such summer fun with my kiddos that I have been missing in all the summer action!

I need to update you on all kinds of stuff but for now just know that I am great and well, busy!!

Seriously...I ROCK!!

How stinkin' awesome is this card? I have been thinking of this one for about 3 days and finally decided I didn't care how dirty the house was...I was putting the idea to paper! You can't tell very well but the grey paper is glittered and looks amazing. The Seriously stamp is embossed on vellum. The U and Rock are also embossed. It is absolutely kickin' even if I say so myself!

I loved the color challenge from Kristina Werner a couple weeks ago but didn't have time then. This was the challenge and part of the inspiration...

I love it!! What do you think?