Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Craft Prizes I just found out about this way cool contest that goes on everyday for a week and the prizes are KICKIN'...if you're a crafter. Check it out! They have some really great ideas for all kinds of family stuff too. Check out the face painting at the following link... Cute stuff!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Want some stamps?

HELP!!! We are desperately trying to pull together some money so we can go to Disneyland at the end of September and while I was racking my brain I thought of a few cool things!

First, watch for some upcoming news on a Stamp-A-Stack of cards class. You'll want to come do this! WAY FUN!! More details after I get some dates pinned down.

Next, I am doing one last open house for Uppercase Living. I'll get you some more details about that later as well. Long story, no energy to go into it right now!

So I am thinking...hmmmm...what can I sell right now....of course, stamps! Not the regular priced ones in the catalog...the ones I have used and just need to sell. Everything is buy one get one half off and I have a bunch of really good ones. I have a list if you want me to email it to you or you can come by my house and check them out.

I also have some card kits that are all ready made up. You can check older posts to see them. They are pre-stamped, paper cut, just need assembly and they include 6 cards with envelopes for $10. Check out the cute fishy card!

So....stay tuned for some upcoming classes!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

They'll be comin' round the mountain!

Just 2 weeks until my mom and step-dad come home from their mission. WE CAN'T WAIT!! I made this cute countdown calendar. It's really for Christmas but I modified it for a bit...check out the magnet truck driving home and marking the days. It's on a pizza pan with vinyl letters from UL. I even punched a couple holes and set eyelets to hang it with some cute ribbon.

Kind of fun huh? Sydney is really excited about moving that truck because they are coming home on her birthday. Best gift ever huh?

Back to School

Check out this cute third grader!! Isn't she adorable? I miss her so much during the day, but I love all that she learns and all that she gets to experience...same for this little chickie.
When did she grow up anyhow? She's in 5th grade this year and so blasted fun. Check out the cool bag! She picked that out and payed for it all herself.
Off they go for another year of learning and adventure. I miss them so much during the day and like every single year since Kenna started Kindergarten, I cry on the first day of school. Silly, I know, but I think it's just part of my mom job to love them so much I miss them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Food storage!

I keep promising to post about this and I forget...

Although I like the whole rocker image I must admit that I am very much the mormon mom. It's a good thing I guess. I make homemade wheat bread and strawberry jam. I make scripture totes and teach primary. And...I have become the queen of food storage.

Twice now I have gone to Wal-mart (hate that place but love that they price match!) and come out of there with 2 FULL SHOPPING CARTS and I paid between $150 and $175! Can you believe it? I signed up for the list of deals at and then I price match everything we need at Wal-mart. It takes a little time but I love the deals. I even made up an excel sheet of what we need, what we have, and what we still need to buy. I can email that to anyone that wants it. You'll just need to change the numbers or then again, you can just use mine and pretend you have that! Let me know if you want the secret to easy price match but in the meantime let me tell you that my happiest buy this week was Crest Toothpaste for $1 each! I am talking happy teeth for at least 10 tubes!

Monday, August 11, 2008


So July has come and gone...I thought I should show you a few pics and give you an update. Brigham loves climbing into any basket or box he can find. This is supposed to hold shoes but he had Izzy join him and they found a perfect hang out!

Speaking of shoes...can you believe these are on Dave's feet? I KNOW!! Maybe my love of bling has worn off!
Seriously, he ran the Wasatch Back and then recruited McKenna to run the Freedom Festival run. He is amazing. He looks great and has really stuck with it. Given he threw a temper tantrum before the Wasatch Back because "running is so stupid and you would have to be a psycho to keep running. The thing is, if you want to take a break when you are biking you just coast but if you need a break from running what do you do? You keep running!" All that said...he is still running.

We went to the Balloon Fest and then the parade on the fourth. It was a bit of heaven to see all those balloons taking off.
We did a shopping day in Park City with my cute sistahs. Yah, they are adorable! Meg had already headed home so she is missing but we had a blast.
We had a week of swimming lessons which was a bit of heaven! Izzy actually stayed in the pool with very little screaming...

Then again, there was some persuasion! I gave the camera to McKenna and found this picture. It is perfect! It really is true life! Here are the details she caught of film....Izzy always, and I mean always, needs a little pep talk, much to my frustration...check out the hands! That's my cute friend fixing the swimsuit, don't we all do that over and over? Then in the background is Sydney carrying Brig away from the pool...TOO TYPICAL!!

Sydney loved the whole swimming thing, especially the slide after lessons and then there was McKenna my expert diver...So...that's July in a nutshell