Saturday, June 21, 2008 this is just the CUTEST!

...and I am old. It's official! My friend since fifth grade, Kristen, called and her daughter is turning 16. WHAT?!?! I still ACT 16 half the time! Anyhow, Kristen is taking her to New York for her birthday. Yes...I am way jealous but I wanted to help her make something way fun. She wanted to do some kind of coupons and have her open them one at a time. The first coupon would just be about shopping and then they would give more hints until she finds out it's a trip to the big apple at the end. So she started with some supplies from Roberts in some colors she loved and we created this!!! AMAZING CUTENESS!!! I might just make one for myself to look at and pretend I am 16 and headed to New York myself. The inside of the book is envelopes with a pull tab and a long note to write a clue on. Kristen did the cute little rub ons and we aged the envelopes.

I had to add a little bling-bling! Did I mention that I love turquoise and brown together? Add some red and I am in LOVE!!


Shortcake and Company said...

Wow...this is a cute project. I couldn't picture as well when you were telling me about it on the phone. What can I say--you're a brainiac!!

Tanya said...

way cool!!! hey tiffany, do you have more room in you club you do?