Saturday, June 21, 2008

One terrific teacher

McKenna had a special visitor today. Mr Baldwin was her reading and science teacher this last year at school. He retired at the end of the school year which made McKenna sad because he was so great.

He came by today and brought her a really special gift! He made her a walking stick with the neatest carvings. He carved her name and a book with reading and spelling by it. He also carved the most intricate face along with 4 hearts for 4th grade.

We will miss such great teachers but we are happy because he is serving a part time mission with his wife. Good luck Mr. Baldwin!


Shortcake and Company said...

That is seriously so cool. She'll remember it forever. It's teachers like him that give us hope for our little ones!

Kari Lyn said...

What an awesome teacher and what a lucky little girl!

Tanya said...

How cool is that. You don't hear of such great teachers like that anymore. Way cool!

Grandpa Baldwin said...
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Steve Baldwin said...

McKenna is awesome but I'm not quite so sure about the guy next to her. :) It is students like McKenna that made teaching so much fun. I will miss the association with students, like McKenna, and their parents. I am excited to continue on with the next 18 months serving people and trying to keep up to my wife. Thanks, McKenna, for being such a neat young lady. Be sure to tell all our friends hello.