Thursday, May 22, 2008

6 random things ANSWERED

So it's time for the answers and the prizes. This was so funny! I laughed at some of the guesses...especially yours Tanya!

1. Where is my favorite place in my house? A couple of you got this's definitely my stamp/craft room. It's the only room that is totally decorated and almost all mine.

2. What is my favorite movie? Surprisingly no one guessed this one. I love the Ultimate Gift. I also love any romantic comedy...Serendipidy, Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail, Pillow Talk, Sweet Home Alabama, The Notebook, Somewhere in Time...but the #1 choice right now is the Ultimate Gift

3. What is my least favorite food? A couple of you got this one!!! Eggs and yes, Rachelle, mustard is a close second

4. If I could go anywhere on vacation where would it be? Chelsey pegged this one, Hungary. I served my mission there and have wanted to go back as a tourist for years. Rachelle is right for second place with Nauvoo and to visit mom in Chicago. Third would be Disneyworld. I know Meg is probably saying Hungary is in Europe but it's really eastern Europe so Chels got that one.

5. What size shoe do I wear? (you notice I didn't ask for pant size...AUUUGH!) Kira and Rachelle got this's a 6 1/2. Although if its a red shoe, I could make almost any size work!

So here's the first place with 3 correct answers we have Chelsey, Megan, and Rachelle. Second place was Kira with 2 right answers and third place was a tie with no right answers between Kody and Tanya. So...drumroll please....I'll send everybody a prize!!


Wilky's said...

dang it!!!! i thought i had them all right for sure!!LOL:)

Tobias Maximus said...
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Tobias Maximus said...

What I was sure I got at least one of them right... Come on Tiff Nephi has great vacation spots... Pigs in the Blanket are sick and wrong, but since you said that you liked them I will bring you a batch to eat. Who does not like the Bathroom? Alright I admit my defeat.

Shortcake and Company said...

Yeah! I can't wait to see my prize. This was fun.

Meg said...

That was such a fun idea to have us answer questions. Maybe I'll do it on my blog. Except Chelsey is still waiting for me to post 6 random things about me and she might give me a hard time if I avoid it.