Friday, May 16, 2008

Color Challenge

So I LOVE to go to Kristina Werner's blog and see what she has created. She has such a clean, crisp style but way fun. She posts a color challenge each week and since I just started blogging I didn't really have anywhere to post by cards I created. NOW I CAN!!!'s the first color challenge but here are the cards I came up with. This is my new favorite combo!

You'll have to crank your head sideways to get the jist of this computer is NOT listening to me.

Side note...I am preparing little card kits so you can purchase a kit and make these cards for yourself. They will come with one finished card you can copy to make 5 more so you'll have a total of 6 cards. The cardstock, ribbon, everything is pre-cut and ready to make. It includes everything but adhesive, even the envelopes are in there! If you don't have the stamp set I used you can substitute another one or you can purchase it. What do you think of that plan? Give me some feedback! I am thinking around $9 in price unless it's got some extra goodies. You can order as many kits as you would like.

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