Friday, May 16, 2008

Cutest dang boutique stuff!

This is some of the stuff I have left from the boutique I did. These are the famouse lunch notes. You may have seen them on Chelsey's blog or on Lisa Bearnson's. They are so great because you get 40 notes in a cute tin already for you to personalize and put in your kid's lunch or your hubbies wallet...just anywhere to remind your family and friends you love them. They are $6.95 (all the prices are plus shipping unless you can come pick them up). I also have some packs in a organdy bag instead of the tin for $4.95.

Someone better buy these before I break into them and eat the whoppers! It's just a cute little gift maybe for your visiting teachers or even yourself!'s only $2.95.


dana wyzard said...

Your photography is fantastic! I can see your artwork clear as a bell! I too, am a stamper, but I've been in a rut for, oh, gee, about six months due to a lot of surgery. Do you have your own area to create in? When I drag out all of the supplies I need, the house is a wreck and I'm full of guilt. Love your site

Tiffany Fairbanks said...

I know the feeling about being in a rut. If you go to my caring bridge site you'll understand! I do have my own area to create in. I can leave the mess and come back to it when I get a second. It's great!!