Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Last chance

OK...last chance on the 6 random questions about me. If you are checking out my blog you have to take a guess at my questions. Then, I guess I'll tell you all the answers and get some prizes out. Chelsey insists I still need to post 6 random things about me anyhow. Rude, huh?!?!?

Here goes....and I don't have time to find random pictures to match so it won't be near as cool as Chelsey or Rachelle's! :)

1. I love to eat dough! Batter will also do in a pinch. I love bread dough, cookie dough, pancake batter, even homemade egg noodles before they are cooked. Weird, I know!

2. I love to read. If I had the time everyday I would spend at least an hour just reading. I read the Harry Potter series twice.

3. I have a crush on Michael Buble'. I even like him more than Josh Groban and I hate to admit it, but I like him more than Bon Jovi. That voice, the smirk, the eyes...I'm a gonner!

4. I actually like the smell of ModPodge. I think it's a childhood thing. My mom was a crafter and I think I was raised on the smell of ModPodge. It just means I am making something so I like the smell. If you have no idea what I am talking about you just don't know about dip n' drape dolls and the likes.

5. I can't sew. I know you all think I am crafty but I haven't put any effort into sewing. I made a pillowcase and a bag (which I still have) in Jr. High and I haven't attempted much since. I think it shows my weakness as a true mother because I don't make my kids' Halloween costumes. I just like to use the ones my mom made or buy them or well...glue what I can together. I do enjoy my glue gun.

Is that random enough?


Anonymous said...

What dose your husband think @ your crush?

Kody & Rachelle Carling said...

I loved this post... you totally put random things that are so good! I am glad that you did this. I sure love each of these things about you.

What the heck is the first comment about? That's dumb!

Tiffany Fairbanks said...

It should be noted...that is Dave posting!! He is such a loser. I don't really care what he thinks about it. I (heart) Michael Buble'! OK, OK, OK,...I love my dear Dave too!!

Shortcake and Company said...

Okay...I'm glad I know who "anonymous" is. I was a little weirded out thinking you should go private soon. Whew!

I so loved the random post, and was like "Oh..that is Tiff, for sure!" Loved it. Sorry but I'm going to have to tag you again. I learned so much!

Tobias Maximus said...

Great Post. I am glad to see that Dave is taking the Buble crush in good spirits. My wife once told me that George Clooney was good looking, to which I replied "I know he is fine" just to see her reaction. Everyone has a secret crush on a Celeb. I love dough as well almost as well as the finished product. Thanks for the random post