Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dancing Diva

Introducing...our little dancing diva....ISABEL, or chabela if you like that name. So, if you know Izzy you know that she is one spirited little girl and there is always a story. I have said for years that I am going to make a badge for my little independent girls that says they dressed themselves. For example, I am not one to love polka-dots, leopard print, and say a blue jacket all in one outfit. Izzy on the other hand just loves to do her thing. She has been in a phase of all one color from head to toe but she breaks out once in a while. Well, I finally made the badge and she wore it long enough to show of her "chipmunk dance" and then said it wasn't so cute so she didn't want to wear it. I should have known the independence would take over. So...I am back to reminding about everyone I see that I am not colorblind, nor do I WANT my kids to be teased. They are just their own little people!


Shortcake and Company said...

She seriously makes me laugh. She's so original and sassy at the same time.

Kody & Rachelle Carling said...

What a hoot! I laughed out loud just looking at the pictures and then immediately started to smile at how cute she is. I love your silly chabela!

Meg said...

It's always fun to see what Isabel is wearing. She really is miss independent! but so cute.